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The subjects of mechanics, power and energy of Shanghai Jiao Tong University have experienced a long and glorious history of running. In the hundred years of growth and development of Shanghai Jiao Tong Universty, the School of Mechanical Engineering has cultivated tens of thousands of professional and technical talents, and a large number of outstanding scientists, educators, politicians and industrialists, with Qian Xue¡¯sen as a representative. All of them have made important contributions to the prosperity of our country and progress of science and technology.

Photos of our graduates since the founding of our department are presented here. As father of ¡°Two bombs¡±, academic master as well as talent of governing the nation, Qian Xue¡¯sen is an outstanding representative of his alumni. Most alumni occupy ordinary positions, having both feet on the ground, aiming high and silently shouldering the heavy responsibility entrusted to them by the state and people. And they are always practicing the school motto ¡°when drinking the water think of its source, love your country and make your school proud¡±. What they have done are always the glory and pride of our school, inspiring today's students to think about the source and aim high. These photos have kept alive the eternal moments before their graduation. We can affectionately call every one who has been here: fellow students, alumni, or classmates!

Dear alumni£ºThe School of Mechanical Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is forever our common homeland! These graduation photos are only part of our collection, so we need your help to continuously enrich and improve it, keeping the eternal glorious moment into our school's history forever!

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