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FAN Xiumin    
Institute of Manufacturing Technology & Equipment Automation    
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Room 707, Mechanical Engineering Building
University Major
Shanghai JiaoTong University Mechanical Engineering
Shanghai JiaoTong University Mechanical Engineering
Shanghai JiaoTong University Mechanical Engineering
Professional Experience
1998-1999,Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai JiaoTong University
2000-2002,Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai JiaoTong University
2002-,Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai JiaoTong University
Research Interests
1. Augment reality aided assembly
2. Virtual assembly & virtual maintenance simulation evaluation
3. Manufacturing system integrated optimization
4. Man-machine work study

Research Projects
1999-2002,National Nature & Science Fundation of China (NSFC) Key Project “Research on the Basic Theory and Technoloy of Virtual Manufacturing”
1999-2001,National High-Tech Research and Development Program (“863”program) “Research on Inovated -design-oriected virtual car-body development system”
2000-2001,project from Shanghai Automotive Industry Science and Technology Development Foundation & Shanghai Volkswagen Company “Computer-Aided Auto Engine Assembly Line Planning System”
2002-2005,projects of Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai “Research on Virtual Reality Key Technologies and Application System Development in UNIX Environment”
2006-2007,projects of Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai “Distributed virtual reality system for Product collaborative assembly”
2006-2008,National High-Tech Research and Development Program (“863”program) “Research on assembly process planning in virtual environment”
2007-2008,Sino-Italian project “Intelligent Supervision for Big Area Waste Disposal System”
2008-2009,EU-China Project “Feasibility analysis for optimizing the waste treatment procedure in terms of energy produced by the waste and energy dissipated by the collection trucks (WASTENERGY)”
2008-2010,Daikin Japan Company Project “Study on Design and Management of Production Line I&II”
2009-2011,project of State Science and Technology Support Program “Research on Multidisciplinary Teaching Resource Component Modeling and Assembling Platform for Vitural Experiment”
Selected Publications
Journal Paper:
[1] Qiu Shiguang, He Qichang, Fan Xiumin, et al, Virtual Human Hybrid Control in Virtual Assembly and Maintenance Simulation. International Journal of Production Research, 2014, 52(3): 867-887.
[2] Qiu Shiguang, Yang Yunfei, Fan Xiumin, He Qichang, Human Factors Automatic Evaluation for Entire Maintenance Processes in Virtual Environment. Assembly Automation, 2014, 34(4): 357-369.
[3] Qiu, S., Fan, X., Wu, D., He, Q., & Zhou, D. Virtual human modeling for interactive assembly and disassembly operation in virtual reality environment[J]. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2013, 69(9): 2355-2372.
[4] Dong, Gang; Fan, Xiumin; Huang, Dongming. Cone crusher optimization based on quality control and prediction (in Chinese). Journal of Mechanical Engineering, v 46, n 3, 2010:152-157.
[5] Li, Wei; He, Qi-Chang; Fan, Xiu-Min. Detection of driver's fatigue based on vehicle performance output (in Chinese). Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University, v 44, n 2, 2010:292-296.
[6] Hu, Yong; Wu, Dian-Liang; Fan, Xiu-Min. Virtual reality grid environment for collaborative assembly simulation (in Chinese). Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University, v 44, n 2, 2010:238-242.
[7] Zhen, Xijin; Wu, Dianliang; Fan, Xiumin; Hu, Yong. Distributed parallel virtual assembly environment for automobile development. Assembly Automation, v 29, n 3, 2009: 279-289.
[8] M. H. Zhu, X. M. Fan, A. Rovetta, Q. C. He, F. Vicentini, B. K. Liu, A. Giusti and Y. Liu. Municipal solid waste management in Pudong New Area, China. Waste Management. v 29, n 3, 2009: 1227-1233.
[9] Yang, Rundang; Fan, Xiumin; Fan, Feiya; Cheng, Huanchong. Manual tool representation and positioning based on geometric reasoning in IVAE. International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology, v 33, n 1, 2008: 24-32.
[10] Huang, Dongming; Fan, Xiumin; Wu, Dianliang; Yao, Fusheng. Crushing product size-reducton analysis of compressing crusher (in Chinese). Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, v 44, n 5, 2008:201-207.
[11] Yang, Run Dang; Fan, XiuMin; Wu, DianLiang; Yan, JuanQi. Virtual assembly technologies based on constraint and DOF analysis. Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, v 23, n 4, 2007:447-456
[12] Cheng, Jian; Fan, Xiumin; Yan, Junqi; Huang, Weidong; Hong, Xin. Simulation system for manned maneuvering unit in virtual reality environment (in Chinese). Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, v 42, n 2, 2006:161-167.
[13] Cheng, Jian; Fan, Xiu-Min; Hong, Xin; Xu, An; Huang, Wei-Dong. Virtual prototyping system of manned maneuvering unit considering the disturbance from astronaut's limbs (in Chinese). Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University, v 39, n 1, 2005:129-133
[14] He, Qichang; Fan, Xiumin; Ma, Dengzhe. Full bicycle dynamic model for interactive bicycle simulator. Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, v 5, n 4, 2005:373-380.
[15] Pi, Xing-zhong, Fan Xiu-min, Yan Jun-qi. VR Flier: A software platform for virtual reality general application development (in Chinese), v 17, n 5, 2005:1157-1162,1167
[16] Pan, Jun; Fan, Xiumin; Ma, Dengzhe; Jin, Ye. Optimization method for virtual product development based on simulation metamodel and its application. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering (English Edition), v 16, n 4, 2003:352-355.
[17] Fan, Xiumin; Ma, Dengzhe; Yan, Junqi. Three-view architecture for production-engineering-oriented virtual manufacturing and its application (in Chinese). Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, v 38, n 1, 2002:17-21.
[18] Hou, Yang; Fan, Xiu-Min; Yan, Jun-Qi; Wang, Li-Ya. Simulation-based manufacturing system object modeling (in Chinese). Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, CIMS, v 7, n 5, 2001:42-46.
[19] Fan, Xiumin; Ren, Peien; Wei Dong; Pi Xingzhong. Assembly line planning based on standard work time and simulation (in Chinese).Industrial Engineering and Management, n 5, 2001:10-13.

International conference paper:
[1] Xiumin Fan, Li Tian, Qichang He, et al. Assembly-design-oriented Semantic Modeling and Assembly Configuration Simulation in Virtual Environment. Proceedings of the ASME 2015 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, IDETC/CIE 2015, August 2-5, 2015, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
[2] Yin, X., Gu, Y., Qiu, S., & Fan, X. VR&AR combined manual operation instruction system on industry products: a case study [C]. Proceedings of the IEEE 2014 International Conference on Virtual Reality and Visualization, Shenyang, China, 2014.
[3] Qiu, S., Jing, X., Fan, X., et al. Analysis of Influence Factors of Virtual Human Real-Time Driven Accuracy and Its Optimization in Virtual Reality Environment [C]. Proceedings of the ASME 2013 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, Portland, Oregon, USA.
[4] Fan, Xiumin; Zhang, Xi; Cheng, Huangchong; Ma, Yanjun; He, Qichang. A virtual experiment platform for mechanism motion cognitive learning. Virtual and Mixed Reality - Systems and Applications - International Conference, Virtual and Mixed Reality 2011, Held as Part of HCI International 2011, Proceedings, v 6774 LNCS, n PART 2, p 20-29, 2011,
[5] Zhang, lifeng; Fan, Xiumin; Jing Xu; Qiu Shiguang. Visibility evaluation for vehicle interior ergonomics based on augmented reality technology. The 9th Pan-Pacific Conference on Ergonomics (PPCOE 2010 ). 2010.11.7-11
[6] Fan, Xiumin; Zhu, Minghua; Zhang, Xi; He, Qichang; Rovetta, Alberto. Solid waste collection optimization considering energy utilization for large city area. 2010 International Conference on Logistics Systems and Intelligent Management, ICLSIM 2010, v 3, p 1905-1909, 2010, 2010 International Conference on Logistics Systems and Intelligent Management, ICLSIM 2010
[7] Zhu, Minghua; Fan, Xiumin; He, Qichang. A heuristic approach for transportation planning optimization in container yard. IEEM2010 - IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, p 1766-1770, 2010, IEEM2010 - IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
[8] Xiumin Fan, Feng Gao, Hongmin Zhu, Dianliang Wu, Qi Yin. A Real-Virtual Mapping Method for Mechanical Product Assembly Process Planning in Virtual Assembly Environment. LNCS 5622, pp. 550–559, 3rd International Conference on Virtual and Mixed Reality. Held as part of HCI International 2009 proceedings, 19-24, July, San Diego, USA

[1] Dengzhe Ma, Jürgen Gausemeier, Xiumin Fan, Michael Grafe. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality in Industry. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press & Springer, 2011.
[2] Yan, Juanqi; Fan Xiumin; Ma Dengzhe. Theoretical and Technological Basics and Applications of Virtual Manufacturing (In Chinese). Shanghai JiaoTong University Press, Aug., 2003.
1. Course Title: Design for Manufacturability
Student: Junior undergraduate class; Hour: 48; Credit: 3
2. Course Title: Experiencing Virtual Reality (Freshmen Seminar)
Student: Undergraduate; Hour: 18; credit: 2
3. Course Titel: Work Study
Student: Senior undergraduate class; Hour: 48; Credit: 3
Patents and Applications
1. Patent title: Non-invasive measurement of human arm joints, authorization No.: ZL2005 1 0030438.5
2. Software name: General software development platform for virtual reality application, registration ID: 2005SR11187
3. Software name: interactive virtual assembly system, registration ID: 2005SR11186
4. Software name: cone crusher optimization and simulation systems, registration ID: 2007SR00345
5. Software Name: distributed virtual assembly systems, registration ID: 2007SR17917
6. Software name: virtual assembly process planning systems, registration ID: 2009SR00364
Other Professional Activities
2009-2011:Council member of China National 863/CIMS topic journal "Computer Integrated Manufacturing System"
2010-2012:Editorial Board member of Chinese journal “Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics”
2006,2009:The 1st&2nd Sino-German Workshop “Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality in Industry”, one of the workshop responsible persons.
Honors and Awards
2003, National Science and Technology Progress Award (rank the third)
2004, Shanghai women Innovation Nomination Award
2004, Outstanding-young-teacher back-up candidate in Shanghai colleges and universities
2006, 10th Ying Tung Fok Education Foundation Award for Young Teachers (research category)
2007, Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University from The Ministry of Education
2008, SMC Award for outstanding young teachers, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2009, First prize for outstanding teachers, Shanghai Jiaotong University
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