Thank you for your interest in supporting SJTU School of Mechanical Engineering. Your contribution will help to maintain our School as number 1 in Mechanical Engineering in Chinathrough support for our teaching and research activities.

By becoming a donor you will become a privileged partner of the School of ME and boost your company’s visibility. By investing in SJTU-ME you are investing in the future.

Whether your donation goes towards scholarships and financial aid for deserving students or towards academics carrying out ground breaking research, your generosity, regardless of size, will make a difference.

Support may take the following forms:



Contact for donations:

Name of Bank: Bank of China, Shanghai Jiaotong University Sub-branch

Address: No.800 Dong Chuan Road, Shanghai, China

Tel: 0086 – 21 –54747180


  • Scholarships for students (excellence, financial need, females …)
  • Sponsoring “Capstone” student projects with university partners abroad
  • Sponsoring project work within courses
  • Support for PhD students to spend time abroad in a partner university
  • Creation of an industrial chair
  • Sponsoring a summer school
  • Sponsoring a competition
  • Seed funding for start-up companies by students
  • Support for joint laboratories
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