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The Wonderful World of Aerodynamics
Posted by£º¡¾admin¡¿     On£º¡¾2012-10-25¡¿

Topic£ºThe Wonderful World of Aerodynamics

Speaker£ºDr.David C. Wisler
GE Aviation, Retired
MIT CDIO Initiative
Former ASME Sr. vice President
Editor, Journal of Turbomachinery, ASME/IGTI

Time£ºOct 29th, 2012 ,9:00-11:00

Venus£ºTAKATA Conference Room
This seminar in classical fluid mechanics and aerodynamics presents the basic principles, concepts and equations needed for solving aerodynamic flows in a manner understandable to persons with a general engineering background. It begins with an overview of the timeline of important events in aerodynamics history and shows how these events build on each other to bring us to modern computational fluid dynamics. This is followed by a discussion of the fundamental equations of motion and the complexities associated with solving them for subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows. The physical meaning of the fundamental concepts of irrotational and rotational flow, vorticity, circulation, velocity potential and stream function are presented. Practical application of these concepts are discussed.

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