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Research at ME School at a glance

The School of ME has long enjoyed a reputation as being one of the best engineering schools in the country with the faculty, staff and students engaged in leading-edge research that addresses the science and technological needs of a rising economy and makes the world a better place for all. Over the past few years the School has successfully competed against other research institutions in China to win a number of high-profile research projects in the area of mechanical and power & energy engineering. In recognition of its quality of research, several of the Schools research institutes have been awarded the status of State Key Laboratories.

8 research fields

  1.Manufacturing Technology
  2.Machine design
  4.Vehicle Engineering
  5.Power Machinery
  7.Industrial Engineering
  8.Nuclear Science and Engineering

Top ranking in China on fundamental research

Strong international research cooperation.

  1.The Shanghai Gas NTNU Norway, Joint Energy Research Center
  2.KTH Sweden. Joint Research Center for Energy and materials for Energy
  3.Sino-Italian Green Energy Lab

Research funds in excess of 50m US$ - 50% from industry, 50% from competitive government funding

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