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Department of Mechanical Engineering and Automation

Ranked number 1 in China, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is backed by cutting edge research and strong links with industry. It has developed a teaching program ideally suited to providing students with the knowledge, skills and competencies that will enable them to take up high-level positions ready to meet the challenges of Chinas industrial and economic development.

Its main research fields include vehicle dynamics and control, auto-body manufacturing, advanced engine design and manufacturing, green vehicle and intelligent automotive technologies, manufacturing technology and equipment automation, mechatronics, robotics , biomedical manufacturing and computer integrated manufacturing.

Over the years, the Department has tackled and completed numerous projects supported by the China National Natural Science Foundation, National 863 Program, and other government sponsored programs and has received many awards for its research and educational achievements, .including 5 National Science and Technology Progress prizes and 5 National Education Awards.


Department of Power and Energy Engineering

The Department of Power and Energy Engineering was formerly known as School of Power & Energy Engineering and it was originally founded in 1956.

Its main research fields include: clean energy conversion and utilization, simulation and optimization of thermal system, combustion and environment protection technology, refrigeration and cryogenics, utilization of solar energy and energy saving in buildings, advanced theory and application of heat exchange, thermo physics of multi-phase combustion of coal, and assembly and control of automobile power.

The Key Laboratory of Power Machinery and Engineering of Ministry of Education and the Key Engineering Research Center of Solar Energy and Refrigeration of Ministry of Education were founded in 2001.


Department of industrial Engineering and Logistics Management

Back to 1930s, SJTU already offered some industrial engineering courses in Department of Mechanical Engineering. Industry Management major was set up during 1940s. The department is one of oldest IE departments in China. The goal of the department is to become world class leaders in Industrial Engineering education. The department offers Bachelor degrees in Industrial Engineering (including Logistics Engineering), Ph.D. degrees in Industrial Engineering, and Master of Science degrees in Management Science and Engineering major.

Its main research fields are production systems engineering, quality and reliability, logistics and supply chain management, service engineering and product engineering.

There are four academic directions in the department: Production Systems Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain management, Quality and Reliability and Service Engineering. The department has carried out many projects funded by the Chinese NSF, 863 High Tech, Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology, as well as companies.


School of Nuclear Science and Engineering

The School of Nuclear Science and Engineering (SNSE) was founded in April 2006. It is a sub-school in the School of Mechanical Engineering and has developed from the former Department of Nuclear Engineering, which was founded in 1958.

Its research fields include nuclear thermal-hydraulics, advanced safety analysis and simulation, methodology of core design, nuclear fuel management and optimization, nuclear material corrosion, chemical separation of spent fuel and waste management, and assessment of nuclear pollution control and radiation protection.

The School has been rapidly developed its scientific research with a wide spectrum of research subjects and a growing research team. Light water-cooled reactor (LWR) technology has been defined as one of her major research directions in the future. Beside the technology of the existing LWR and the advanced LWR reactors, efforts are also being made on the research and development of supercritical waster-cooled reactors (SCWR). At present, SNSE is leading the Chinese SCWR Technical Working Group.


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